The Sixth Twist

Since 1985, Kanishka explosion has created much interest among investigators worldwide. AMIT GUIN brings to you the sixth dimension of that incident

The Star War experiment has always amused and interested Michael Nongjop Syiem. “My interest in the Star War experiment and the coincidence with the Air India Kanishka explosion made me think of undertaking this investigation,” said Michael in an e-mail interaction with this correspondent. The investigation Michael is talking about is on the “sixth” probable cause of what Justice John Major of the Supreme Court of Canada called the “worst mass murder in Canadian history”.

Both Michael and Justice John Major are referring to the bombing of Air India Flight 182, which went down in the Atlantic Ocean near Ireland on June 23, 1985. The flight, which was operating on the Montreal-London-Delhi-Bombay circle, was exploded by a bomb at an altitude of 31,000 feet. This grave incident gulped with it all the 329 people on-board, which included 82 children. Most of the victims were Canadian citizens, who were either born in India or were of Indian descent.

“Since none of the five theories or possibilities have been proven to be the cause of the Air India Kanishka explosion, ‘The Sixth Possibility’ could be the reason,” said Michael. An individual research report based entirely on press clippings, “The Sixth Possibility”, a copy of which is in possession of Pravasi Today, is the latest in the row of the investigations into the causes of the explosion.

Convener of Mait Shaphrang Movement, a Shillong-based organisation, which spearheads the Right to Information movement in Manipur, Michael said that “the US plot (prior to Rajiv Gandhi’s State visit), the dates of the Star Wars experiment and America’s past and recent activities around the world” led him to investigate the case more deeply.

According to the report, with the failure of the first test of Star Wars technology, and its success on the second attempt on June 21, 1985, one might ponder of the third attempt on June 23, 1985 – the day when Air India Flight 182 exploded. “The second attempt succeeded in testing the functioning and accuracy of the Star War laser technology. Was the third attempt meant to test its effectiveness?” says the report.

Speaking to the media, while releasing the report he said that “there were five theories regarding the cause of the Kanishka disaster which includes: mechanical failure, mid-air collision after debris of a Soviet space rocket hit the plane, insurance fraud as per the angle of Canadian police, the alleged sabotage of Indian intelligence agencies and the bomb explosion carried out purportedly by Sikh terrorists, but none of these have been proven till date”.

Interestingly, he has correlated his findings of the disaster with the ‘Tuskegee Syphilis experiment’. “This experiment is to study how syphilis kills a human being and the findings will be researched from the dead bodies of the victims. If the US government can do this to its own 399 citizens, what will prevent it from experimenting on people originally from a then-Third World and an over-populated country like India?” He further added that “USA also needed a live target to test its third attempt. My other news paper clippings, many from de-classified documents, also reveal the brutal activities (which have never been denied till today) of the USA on its own people and in other parts of the world.”

But after all these findings, there is a disclaimer and a word of caution added at the end of the report.  “This sixth possibility could be just another science fiction story and could be described as absurd and far fetched. But, when in history have science and its inventions ever stopped to surprise and keep the common man in constant awe, whether it is the first motor car, the first airplane, the first atomic bomb, or the first Star Wars laser technology.”


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